How to change wallpaper on Vivo V17

It often happens that you might want to customize your Vivo V17. To do this, it will be easy to change the wallpaper of the Vivo V17. Indeed, you probably are tired by the original wallpaper of the phone. We will find in this article, that it is incredibly simple to change the wallpaper of the Vivo V17. We will see first of all, exactly what are the two solutions to change the wallpaper on Vivo V17. We will see in a secondary step how to set a picture as wallpaper. Finally, just for the more extreme, we will see how to set a GIF as wallpaper on Vivo V17.change-wallpaper-Vivo-V17

How to change the wallpaper on Vivo V17

You will find two simple ways to change the wallpaper of your Vivo V17. One by using the home screen and one utilising an application. You have to choose the one you like to apply.

  • The 1st technique will begin with the Vivo V17 home-page. For that reason you have to get a place on your home page where there is absolutely no icons and maintain pressing few seconds on the display screen. A kind of menu might then appear on the Vivo V17 display screen. In this menu, you must push Wallpaper. As soon you’re there, you will have a choice between Gallery and Wallpaper. Choose the Wallpaper option if you intend to set a wallpaper that’s already on the Vivo V17. Go for Gallery in the event that you prefer to set one of your pictures.
  • The second approach is to install an application specialised in the managing of wallpapers. This type of application enables for example to be capable to auto-magically change wallpaper every hour. An application like Wallpaper Changer will perform the trick. Merely install it and select the wallpaper you like for your Vivo V17

If you need to go further in the personalization of your Vivo V17, do not think twice to read our guide to install a theme on the Vivo V17.

Best ways to set a picture as wallpaper on Vivo V17

If you would like to customize your Vivo V17 by using a photo of your trips, friends or family members, you will notice that it is truly basic. Indeed, just after being pressed a few seconds on the home screen, make sure you select Wallpaper. Simply click Gallery and you will be capable to find all your pics. After that select the picture you would like to set as wallpaper on the Vivo V17. Once it is completed, you will be able to crop and resize the pic so that it fits the size of the display screen of your Vivo V17. When it is completed, you simply have to validate and it is done!

Simple tips to set a GIF as wallpaper on Vivo V17

In the event that you are looking for a bit more mouvement, you will probably be cheerful to discover that it is possible to set a GIF as wallpaper on your Vivo V17. The easiest technique to accomplish this is to use an application. We suggest that you use AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2. After installing it, go to the wallpaper library and choose the tab that bears the name of the application you just installed. All you need to do is select the GIF you prefer. Now, if you return to your home screen, it should certainly move.