How to change theme on Oppo Reno A

Changing the theme of Oppo Reno A is a superb technique to customize and increase the ergonomic of your phone. Definitely, in case you are fed up with the basic theme or when you’re frustrated that your Oppo Reno A is similar to all the other phones, replacing the theme is a great remedy. In the event you change the theme of the Oppo Reno A, that will allow you to transform the user interface of the phone by changing the menus, symbols, widgets or fonts type. We will see first how you might change, apply and set the theme in Oppo Reno A. We will discover in a secondary point what’s the differentiation among a theme and a launcher in order to verify if a theme fits to your needs. To finish, we will see where it is simple to find free themes for the Oppo Reno A.change-theme-Oppo-Reno-A

The right way to change the theme of your Oppo Reno A

It will be easy on a few mobile phones to change the theme by the configurations, but this process is quite limited by the number of themes available. For that reason we decided to show you how you can install a theme on the Oppo Reno A employing a launcher. The launcher is an app that enables you to deploy themes on the Oppo Reno A. In our tutorial, we will use Themer because it is simple to use and its choice of themes is important. To find Themer, nothing more easy, use the PlayStore and download it. As soon it’s carried out, you will have the ability to start the app and begin looking through the list of themes that are available. Right after you have identified the theme you prefer, simply press Apply to begin downloading and installing the theme in your Oppo Reno A. The moment the download is finished, you need to go to the notifications bar and select the Themer icon to begin configuring the theme you have selected. And then, it’s completed ! You are able to change the theme again when you wish, utilising the same process. If you need to change the wallpaper, check our guide to change wallpaper on Oppo Reno A.

The difference between a theme and a launcher

It is typically slightly hard to tell the difference among a theme and a launcher, so we decided to deliver some infos. By definition, the theme is the look of the phone’s interface. It impacts symbols, colors, or even wallpapers. The launcher is a third-party app that replaces the interface of your Oppo Reno A. Instead of changing it just like a theme, the launcher is simply a different interface.

Where are you able to find free themes for Oppo Reno A

It is highly convenient to find free themes for your Oppo Reno A. Basically go to the Playstore in the personalization category. You can then find a free theme packet for the Oppo Reno A. It’s your choice whether you’d like to get a theme or a launcher.