How to change theme on Motorola Moto Z4

Changing the theme of Motorola Moto Z4 is a wonderful manner to modify and make improvements to the ergonomic of your mobile phone. Definitely, if you are tired with the main theme or in case you are sick and tired that your Motorola Moto Z4 seems like the rest of the phones, replacing the theme is a great option. When you change the theme of the Motorola Moto Z4, that will allow you to modify the interface of the mobile phone simply by changing the menus, icons, widgets or fonts of writing. We will discover first of all tips on how to change, apply and set the theme on Motorola Moto Z4. We will find out in a secondary point what is the differentiation among a theme and a launcher in order to discover if a theme corresponds to your goals. Finally, we will discover where it is possible to download free themes for the Motorola Moto Z4.change-theme-Motorola-Moto-Z4

Ways to change the theme of my Motorola Moto Z4

It will be easy on a few mobile phones to change the theme from the configurations, but this way is actually quite limited by the number of themes that are available. So we chose to show you how you can install a theme on the Motorola Moto Z4 utilizing a launcher. The launcher is an app that will allow you to install themes on the Motorola Moto Z4. In our tutorial, we will work with Themer as it is straightforward to use and its variety of themes is remarkable. To get Themer, it is extremely basic, go to the PlayStore and download it. As soon it’s completed, you will have the ability to start the app and start browsing through the list of themes that are available. As soon you have identified the theme you want, just press Apply to start downloading it and installing the theme on your Motorola Moto Z4. Once the download is complete, you must go to the notifications bar and select the Themer icon to start setting up the theme you have picked. And after this, it’s done ! You are able to change the theme again when you want, using the same procedure. If you need to change the wallpaper, check our guide to change wallpaper on Motorola Moto Z4.

The difference between a theme and a launcher

It is usually a lttle bit difficult to tell the difference among a theme and a launcher, so we decided to bring some infos. By definition, the theme is the look of the mobile phone’s interface. It can affect icons, colours, or even wallpapers. The launcher is a thirdparty app that replaces the interface of your Motorola Moto Z4. Instead of modifying it just like a theme, the launcher is just a distinct interface.

Where could you get free themes for Motorola Moto Z4

It is extremely convenient to get free themes for your Motorola Moto Z4. Just pay a visit to the Playstore in the customization category. You may then get a free theme packet for the Motorola Moto Z4. It’s your decision whether you’d like to get a theme or a launcher.