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Changing the Meizu 16Xs PIN is important when you want to secure your cellphone. In truth, the PIN code is a 4-digit security code that enables you to restrict access to the SIM card. Thus, in the event of theft or loss of your Meizu 16Xs, the person who has your mobile is not going to be capable to use the phone credit. Since the original PIN code for SIM cards is frequently similar, we advise you to change the PIN code of your Meizu 16Xs. We will first of all see ways to change the PIN code of your Meizu 16Xs. We will see on the other hand why it truly is advisable to change the PIN code. At last, we’ll learn about ways to activate the PIN in case you have not set it on your telephone.Pin-code-Meizu-16Xs

How to change the PIN code of your Meizu 16Xs

To change the PIN code on your Meizu 16Xs, it’s quite simple. You are going to first have to go to the settings menu of your Meizu 16Xs. When there, go to the Protection tab, after that Configure SIM block or Set SIM card lock . When there, select Change PIN . The telephone will after that ask you to enter the phone’s current PIN. Once completed, all you have to do is enter your fresh PIN and confirm. It is great, the PIN code is changed! If you want to know how to insert the SIM card into the telephone, see our article to put the SIM card in the Meizu 16Xs.

Why set a PIN on your Meizu 16Xs

The PIN is a protection for your Meizu 16Xs. In fact, its main purpose is to restrict access to the SIM card. So, in the event you receive your Meizu 16Xs stolen, or in the event you lose it, the person who has it will not be capable to call with it. This allows you to not lose the package in case of theft or loss.

How to set a PIN code on your Meizu 16Xs

If you do not have a PIN code on your Meizu 16Xs and wish to put 1, it’s quite simple. For this you will have to go to Settings / Security / Configure SIM blocking . When you are there, you should check the Locking SIM card. You’ll then be asked to enter a 4-digit code that could be your fresh PIN. Remember to remember or produce it down somewhere.