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The NFC is a fairly new and useful technology. This technology is increasingly used on Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A9. Because of the NFC it is possible to do several things in many fields of activity. So we made the decision to write this content to rough the subject of the NFC and show you how you can activate it on your Samsung Galaxy A9. We will first see what the NFC is for. We will discover in a second time how to activate the NFC on your Samsung Galaxy A9. Finally, we will teach you how to use it in different situations.


What is the NFC function on your Samsung Galaxy A9

The NFC that stands for Near Field Communication is actually a wireless transfer technology. With NFC you can exchange information as well as files between 2 devices. The peculiarity of this wireless technology is that it has a range of just a few centimeters. It will be necessary that the device with which you use the NFC is highly close to your Samsung Galaxy A9 so that it operates. Thus, the NFC will allow your Samsung Galaxy A9 to be able to exchange files, to connect to another device or to pay without contact. There are so many ways to use the NFC of your Samsung Galaxy A9.

How to activate the NFC of your Samsung Galaxy A9

In order to utilize the NFC on your Samsung Galaxy A9, it is necessary that this setting is enabled on the mobile phone. To activate the NFC on your Samsung Galaxy A9, you need to go to the Settings menu of the Samsung Galaxy A9. Then go to PLUS or ADVANCED PARAMETERS and finally click on NFC. You can then activate or deactivate the NFC of your Samsung Galaxy A9. If you’d like to save a little battery, we suggest you to activate the NFC only when you use it and to deactivate it the rest of the time.

How to use the NFC with your Samsung Galaxy A9

Exchange files with NFC

If you’d like to exchange data files between your Samsung Galaxy A9 and another mobile phone, you can utilize the NFC. For this you need to activate the NFC and you should also activate Android Bean. To accomplish this, go to Settings> More> NFC> Android Beam . Once done, just bring the 2 telephones closer and choose NFC as an option to share your file.

Pay with the NFC of your Samsung Galaxy A9

For now Banks are not yet too developed on the payment NFC. In order to pay with the NFC of your Samsung Galaxy A9, you need to do 2 things. The 1st is to have an application compatible with your bank. The second is to configure his credit card or his account in this application.

Connect to a device

If you want to pair a device to your Samsung Galaxy A9, it could be easier to do it with the NFC. Thus, it is often enough to activate the NFC Samsung Galaxy A9 and stick the mobile phone to the device to generate the association. This is for example the truth with some bluetooth headsets.