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It typically occurs that we get tired with the ringing of the alarm of Google Pixel 3. Indeed, always having precisely the same alarm ringtone is rather boring. So if you would like to wake up with a slightly diverse ringtone, we will see in this article how to change the ringtone of your alarm clock on the Google Pixel 3. We will observe in the initially step tips on how to change the ringtone of the alarm clock through the parameters of the alarm. We will observe in a secondary step tips on how to change ringtone by installing a specific app on your Google Pixel 3.change-alarm-ringtone-google-pixel-3

Changing the alarm tone with the Google Pixel 3 settings

The best way to change the alarm ringtone is to go through the Google Pixel 3 settings. To get this done, you will need to go to the Clock application of your Google Pixel 3. This is the app you utilize to set your alarm clock and it appears like a clock. After you have it open, you will need to go to the Alarm tab. If you are there, click the alarm for which you desire to change the ringtone . When the alarm is open, simply click Ring. You will then observe a list of ringtones available for your alarm. You can listen to them by clicking on them. When you know which one you desire, you simply have to check the ringtone and confirm. Here you will wake up with a diverse ring tomorrow morning! In the event you do not see the ringtone tab in the alarm menu of your Google Pixel 3, it means that you must go through Parameter / Sound to change the ringtone.

Change the alarm tone by setting up an app on your Google Pixel 3

If you desire to have a bigger choice of ringtone than the Google Pixel 3 offers, or if you would like to put 1 of your music in ringtone. There are applications that will make it possible. Many are free and enable among other stuff to change the alarm ring of the Google Pixel 3. Among all these applications, we advise Réveil Musique Xtreme Gratuit which is straightforward and useful. This application enables you to very easily determine a new ringtone for your Google Pixel 3. Just download and install the app. Let you then guide and end up with these old alarm ringtones !