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Bluetooth is a very good technology for connecting devices to your wireless Neffos C9. Nevertheless, it may happen that we have concerns connecting with the bluetooth of Neffos C9. Whether it is to connect the Neffos C9 to a Bluetooth speaker, your car’s head-set or merely to your headphones, we will observe ways to resolve the potential concerns. So we will see in this article, what are our tips to identify the problem and solve it. We will observe at first, what to look at the bluetooth of the Neffos C9. We will observe in a second section, what it is possible to do in your Neffos C9.bluetooth-problem-neffos-c9

How to proceed when you can not connect your Neffos C9 to bluetooth

Twin Neffos C9 to your device

It oftentimes happens on some bluetooth devices that it is required to do a match with the Neffos C9. Thus, to pair the 2 devices, you have got to remain pressed several secs on the bluetooth button of the device that you desire to connect to the Neffos C9. Generally, a small noise might be heard when the unit returns to pairing. When ever this is carried out, you can then retry to connect your Neffos C9. In cases where it doesn’t work, go to the next section.

Desynchronize the bluetooth device of Neffos C9

One of the first things to do when you have a bluetooth connection problem with your Neffos C9 is to desynchronize the device to which you desire to connect. So, if the bluetooth device shows up in the list of available bluetooth devices, you will need to desynchronize it. To get this done, hold down the device for several seconds and select Ungroup . Try to redo the connection from the beginning.

Use a different phone’s bluetooth

If nothing still works, it is possible that the problem originates from your bluetooth device and not from the Neffos C9. To verify this, you should just try to connect with another phone. If you get there, it is because the problem comes from Neffos C9. Otherwise, the issue comes from the device. In case you can actually connect to another phone, go to the next step.

Upgrade the Neffos C9

It oftentimes happens that you must upgrade the Neffos C9 to repair the bluetooth of the phone. In fact, it is the kind of correction that are made in the updates proposed by the producer. So, do not hesitate to refer to our guide to update the Neffos C9.

Reset the Neffos C9

Finally, if there is really nothing to do and the bluetooth of Neffos C9 still does not work, the best solution is to reset the phone. In doing so, please note that your Neffos C9 will be reset to factory settings and you might lose your data. Do not hesitate to read our tuto to reset the Neffos C9 if you embark on the adventure.

In cases where nothing works

In cases where non-e of the above solutions work, we recommend you to bring your Neffos C9 back to the shop. In fact, a specialized store will be able to repair your bluetooth.