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Knowing how you can block anonymous calls you receive on your Blackview BV1000 is paramount. In fact, you may have happened to receive calls from an unknown number in an interesting way. Whether it truly is phone prospecting or someone who harasses you, it truly is irritating to receive anonymous calls on its Blackview BV1000. So, to end being harassed, it is possible to block anonymous numbers. For this, we will see that there exist many techniques to get there. We will first of all see how you can block anonymous calls from the Blackview BV1000 menu. We will see in a secondary step how you can automatically reject unknown calls on your Blackview BV1000 with an app.block-anonymous-calls-blackview-bv1000

Block hidden calls using your Blackview BV1000’s automatic rejection call

The least difficult and most effective technique to block anonymous calls on your Blackview BV1000 is to go through the phone options to enable blocking. To achieve this, you will have to go into the phone app of your Blackview BV1000. This is the app you use to dial and dial a number. When you are there, go to the keyboard tab and then press the menu key. You then need to go to Call Settings and finally Call Forwarding . You need to then open the Auto Reject list in which the Anonymous Call option appears. You just simply have to check this option to be able to block unknown calls on your Blackview BV1000. The settings for turning on anonymous calls automatically may vary depending on the mobile phone model. In case you do not locate these settings on your Blackview BV1000, do not hesitate to switch to the secondary technique that is just simply as successful.

Block unknown calls on your Blackview BV1000 with specialized applications

If perhaps you desire to block unknown calls on your Blackview BV1000, there are applications that assist you to do so. In addition to being able to block anonymous calls, these applications generally offer the capability to block numbers, as well as SMS. Some applications also allow you to block or reject calls at a certain time of day. We recommend that you utilize the Call Blackliste application, which is versatile and simple to use. To block unknown calls, just download and install this app on your Blackview BV1000. When it’s completed, you have to open the app and go into the settings. When you are there, just click Block, and then press Block Unknown Numbers. You then have to check the option Block private numbers for the rejection to be active. It’s good, you will not be bothered on your Blackview BV1000 ever again.