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You have just purchased an Oppo F7 and when you turn it on, it displays the following error message: SIM card not recognized. At times the Oppo F7 does not recognize the SIM card and displays this message. In this circumstance, it is not necessarily important to bring the Oppo F7 directly back. Certainly, there are a lot of techniques to fix this issue. We will therefore observe in this tuto, what are the stuff to do and confirm so that the SIM card is recognized on your Oppo F7.unrecognized-sim-card-Oppo F7

What to do when the SIM card is not recognized on my Oppo F7

Whenever the SIM card is not recognized on your Oppo F7, below is a list of stuff that may help you determine the source of the issue, observe repairing the issue.

Clean SIM card

One of the first stuff to do if the SIM card is not recognized on your Oppo F7 is to wash it up. Actually, it may possibly happen that dirt partially prevents the contact between the SIM card and the phone. To clean it, pass a small dab of cloth over it and check if it is not damaged.

Check the location of the SIM card on your Oppo F7

At times the issue may possibly sourced from the location of the SIM card. Actually, it often occurs that little metal plugs that normally have to come in contact with the SIM card are a little bit relaxed. When this is the case, this prevents the Oppo F7 from reading the SIM card. To fix this issue, you just need to thicken the SIM a little by gluing one or two pieces of tape at the back.

Test the SIM card on a different mobile phone

To find out if the issue originates from the SIM card, you can test it on a different phone and you will have your answer. If it is not recognized on other devices, you can modify the SIM card.

Try another SIM card on your Oppo F7

Whenever the two previous steps do not give anything, it truly is important to test a different SIM card to find out if the issue originates from the card. Certainly, if other SIM card function on the Oppo F7, it truly is because the issue originates from the card. Otherwise, it truly is at the level of the mobile phone that we will have to look.

Check that your Oppo F7 is not Simlocker

If you have tried a lot of SIM cards on the Oppo F7 and non-e are recognized, the mobile phone may perhaps be Simlocker. It indicates that the Oppo F7 will recognize only the SIM card of a specific operator. In this circumstance, you have to unlock it. You will find without a hassle a lot of provide on the internet that may do that.

Check that the problem doesn’t sourced from the ROM installed on the Oppo F7

This part mainly concerns the people who root the Oppo F7 to install a ROM that is not initial. Whenever this is actually what you have completed, be aware that the unrecognized SIM card issue is quite common after setting up fresh ROMs. We advise that you reinstall an initial ROM and re-test it.

Whenever nothing works

Whenever all the above solutions do not work, we advise you to bring your Oppo F7 and the SIM card back to one of your operator’s shops.