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Make a video call with an Lenovo Tab 2 is quite practical. In truth, it is an ideal solution if you would like to see the face of everyone you call. In case you call someone who is on the other side of the earth, it truly is always nice to discover his face. Thanks to the front camera of the Lenovo Tab 2, you can actually discover the person while being filmed during the video call. So in the event you do not just desire to hear, but also discover your interlocutor, this tuto is for you. We have chosen Three apps that allow a video call with the Lenovo Tab 2. For every of them, it is important that both people have the app on their phone. We will discover in the first place how to make a video call with the Facebook Messenger app. We’ll discover the method to make use of Google Hangout to make a video call on Lenovo Tab 2. Finally, we will discover tips on how to make a video call with Tab 2

Call in video with the Lenovo Tab 2 via Facebook Messenger

Making a video call on Facebook Messenger is quite easy. All you need to do is open the app and create a conversation with the person you want to video call. When the conversation is created, you must press the little icon that looks like a camera . When it truly is completed, the video call starts and it will ring the cellphone of your interlocutor. You can actually after that change the Lenovo Tab 2 camera by clicking on the two little arrows in the shape of a circle.

Video call with Lenovo Tab 2 through Google Hangout

To be able to use the Hangout app on your Lenovo Tab 2, you must have a Google Account. If you do not have one, you can actually create one in 5 minutes. If it’s good, the 1st section is to download and install the application that you can actually find here: Google Hangout . When completed, you can import the list of your contacts. When it truly is completed you can actually press the button: New video call and enter the contact’s name. After that simply press the button that looks like a camera to launch the video call on your Lenovo Tab 2.

Call in video with the Lenovo Tab 2 through Skype

As with other applications, you must have a Skype account in order to make a video call with your Lenovo Tab 2. After creating your account and installing the app on the Lenovo Tab 2, you must launch the app and connect. When completed, go to your contact list and choose the contact you want to call in video. After that click Make a video call to start the call on your Lenovo Tab 2.