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Printing a file from its Google Nexus 7 is extremely useful. Now that you can open all types of files from your cellphone, you can as well print them. Additionally, it is frequently more simple to print something from the cellphone. Thus, no need to take his pc. So we will see in this guide ways to print from your Google Nexus 7. We will first see the requirements for printing from his mobile. We will see how to print from the Google Nexus 7.print-Google Nexus 7

Prerequisites for printing with Google Nexus 7

The most important thing in order to print a file with your Google Nexus 7 is to own a WIFI printer. In the event that your printer does not have Wifi or bluetooth, you will not have the capacity to print with your cellphone. The second requirement for printing is that both the printer and the Google Nexus 7 must be connected to the same Wifi network. In the event that this is not the case, please connect your printer to your Wifi network. It is due to the Wifi network that your cellphone can send the documents to the printer. In the event that you have all the requirements, you can proceed to the following step.

The actions to print with the Google Nexus 7

To print from the Google Nexus 7, you will first have to go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Print . Once you are there, you have to click on Add a service. Android will offer you to download a service on the PlayStore. You have to choose and install the app that matches to the brand of your printer. Once the application is installed, you have to activate it by moving the cursor to ON in the Printing menu. Once completed, basically open a file and click on Print. It is advisable to then see your printer show up in the choices. All you have to do is click on it and your file will print from your Google Nexus 7.