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SMS is today one of the most used way of communication. Thus, it is an entire part of our life that is found in our TEXT discussions. Therefore, whether to keep a track or to keep a memory, it is possible to save the SMS of your Wiko Tommy. For this we will discover that there is only one possible process. In fact, the only technique to realize this operation is to use an application because Android doesn’t do it natively. We will initially see how to save the TEXT MESSAGES of your Wiko Tommy. We will discover how to save Wiko Tommy SMS messages on your computer or Mac.backup-messages-Wiko-Tommy

Back up SMS messages from Wiko Tommy with the SMS Backup application

If you want to save the TEXT MESSAGES from your Wiko Tommy, you have got to go through an application. So we chose to use SMS Backup for this guide because it is straightforward to use and especially totally free. So the 1st step is to download and install SMS Backup on your Wiko Tommy. When it’s done, open the application and click Save. You will then be able to choose the tracking of the backup. You may therefore choose to save SMS messages to the internal memory on Wiko Tommy or to the SD card. When the tracking is selected, confirm and check the MMS box to include them in the backup. All you must do is validate and save your SMS on your Wiko Tommy are going to be carried out.

Save Wiko Tommy SMS to your PC

The easiest technique to save your Wiko Tommy SMS messages to your LAPTOP or MAC is to transfer the previously saved backup. In fact, you should execute a backup with the technique seen in the prior section. When ever completed, just copy the backup file to your PC or Mac. So you have to back up the text messages on your Wiko Tommy and then copy it. You will have to connect your PC or Mac to your Wiko Tommy and copy the file. Here, your SMS are saved on your Pc or Mac.